Welcome to 2021. First up, Sweet 16!

My favorite Barbie of all time.

I know I have told the story of my Sweet 16 Barbie here before. This doll is still my favorite.

She has such a soft, sweet face. So this post is going to be my Sweet 16, in various fashions. I have her original set, the pink dot dress AND the tank and jean cut offs. I have other things I see, and set aside just for her in a tote. I will go through it and she will model all these things.

It is after Christmas, all the baking, sewing, cleaning is done, time for me to have some fun!
Come join me!
Looking on eBay there seems to be a resurgence in the popularity of the older Barbies. Prices for this doll range from $39 to $699. I doubt people are getting these prices, but it indicates a desire for the older, sweeter faced dolls. I pass on many of the newer ones because they just look rabid and angry. Grimaces instead of smiles kind of thing.
So Here we go with the Sweet 16 Barbie show. Perhaps I can show you why she is my favorite, aside from the emotional attachments.

First, the original. The famous Pink dot, maybe Swiss dot, dress. So lovely and simple. To me this is the epitome of Barbie. She can have all the careers she wants, but to me, it all comes back to this.

The Jeans and tank.
Granted these shorts do not look as trim and neat as they did in 1974. I got this set off eBay and it is obvious it was a favorite set to play with.

She came with an assortment of things, Make up, Tiny brush and comb, not the humongous things girls get today. You had to really develop manual dexterity to use these. She even had barrettes.

Check out her neat box.

The one my mom got me came with the jeans and tank, one of the gifts you got, I think was this necklace. My mom did not send off, to my knowledge for the gifts, but this one came in an eBay purchase of Sweet 16 things. I lost my mom, the first time with in a month after my birthday.

The tank is a reminder of how we expected children to cope back then. Nearly impossible to get on and off again. No Velcro to aid in the dressing or undressing. Figure it out was a mantra of sorts for children back then.

When I began this post it was a chilly morning and so it seemed appropriate to give Barbie a fun, PINK coat for the day.
A word on the shoes. In the original picture she is wearing her original shoes from 1974. However since they are in delicate, even fragile condition, I gave her a couple of new pair. 1 sneakers and the other flats.

Next she is wearing a dress from a 1982 Angel Face Barbie The dress reminds me of a school ma’am from the 1800s.

This next one is a new ball style gown. I know it is newer due to the Velcro closure.

Then a house dress. I wonder on this one if it might be home made. It has hook and eye closures which I do not recall on any of my store bought clothes.

An unmarked dress but reminds me of church dresses in the 1980s. It is missing it’s neck snap and so it looks a touch off. These lacy things are hard because her thumb keeps finding holes in the lace!

This is a newer outfit. Well the skirt is. I do not know about the blouse. I got it in an eBay batch. The skirt came in a clothing pack and just has elastic and slips over the head.

Well what do you think of my favorite, most precious possession?
I can still smell the lite scent of her make up and barrettes all these years later. When I lost my mom the first time, she and my raggedy Ann and Andy set that my older sister had given me, were the only things I took. Outside of clothes. I didn’t care about the clothes. I wanted my dog and my dolls.  I was 10. Clothes did not, and still do not loom huge in my life.  if it is comfortable, I will wear it. Well those 3 dolls did. I am glad I got to share her with you. THIS doll is the basis of my collecting Barbie. I began my quest in order to get her back. Now my office is filled with Barbies. I began a similar quest to reclaim my Raggedy Ann and Andy. So now I have many of those too. One of my young friends walked into my office one day and looked around and said, Man, Miss Mel, that is a lot of eyes…

Hugs Y’all

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