Row 3

Well it seems when I did row 2… I added a couple that are actually in row 3. Well the shelf has been rearranged a couple of times since this picture. For one I changed the Suburban Shopper doll from this:

To this:

Malibu being a true vintage (Again for me true vintage is 50/60/70s) is for me a much better fit.

OK so on row 3, far left corner we have a more modern brunette, I think one of the summer swimsuit dolls, in a simple vintage white shirtwaist with a summer light skirt.

Then a Malibu. I keep referring to my mailbu’s as Barbie but in truth I believe they are all Francies. The Barbie in the line is a bit taller. She is wearing a simple sundress and it shows off her tan nicely.

The a gorgeous red head in a delightfully summer gown. I love this gown. No special reason it just makes me happy.

Then a more modern Barbie in another simple summer sundress. I LOVE the hair on this one. Just totally out of control and so much of it!

Last is another red head in another lovely blue dress. This doll is one of those I can Move hinged ones and I can not get her to stand up straight.

The row finishes off with Sophisticated lady and the 1890s gown.

So what do you think of this row? Any favorites? Any id’s you know that I do not? I need to do some research one day on these clothes and see what I really have.
Until next time…
Hugs y’all

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