The Long Awaited Second Row…

These are the dolls behind the ones I showed you last time.

First we have a sweet young lady in blue. This dress really makes me think of the young heroines in a GLH novel. Though I doubt their dresses would be this short. I can’t help but love this set. It’s not really a set, just one I put together.

Next we have Lovely in Lilac. At least that is what I call it. This set was made by Janet Lein . I don’t know who she was but her sewing skills are/were marvelous! She made 2 bonnets with this one. I think one was called a poke bonnet. That one is the solid color. The wider brim gingham is the one I display the doll with. There is also a parasol but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Next is one my friend Helen says (I am not the only doll person I know!) looks like she is about to go riding in the 1800s, side saddle. She makes me thing of… Annie Oakley. So I call this one, Horse Woman. I gave away all my Barbie horses or I might try staging her with one.

Next we have Lilac in Lace. A nightie and robe set. Who ever had these doll clothes before me had a very well dressed Barbie. I imagine it as her trousseau. After she and Ken finally tie the knot.

Next in the row we have a lass in a lovely pink flowered summer dress. The pink and red roses are gorgeous. This one is not vintage, at least I don’t think it is but it is on a vintage doll. Well 80s vintage anyway.

Here we have Barbie in “Sophisticated Lady.” This one is not in the best of conditions but i am unsure if it can be cleaned and since it is a truly vintage set i do not wish to destroy it to clean it.

This vintage Malibu looks so sweet with her hair ribbon and sundress. There is just something about the face of the Malibu line. That and the Sweet 16. I LOVE the sweet simple faces and simple hair. Like actual girls might wear.

The last doll, is a vintage 70s doll in an 80s outfit. At least I think it is 80’s It reminds me of the 1910’s No clue why but it does. Every time I look at this one I see her in an antique ice cream shoppe getting a dish of ice cream. See how my mind works? A story for everything!
What do you think of this row? Which one is your favorite?

I will do row 3 next time. I have many more dolls, and many more dresses. I am going through things and some clothes are going to the toy bin, others will be packaged as sets and given away with dolls at Christmas.
I have one doll that I kid you not, reminds me of Sally Struthers. She is marked Mattel but I am not entirely sure she is Barbie.

Until next time
hugs y’all


  • Beautiful!!!!! I think my favorite is Lilac in Lace. And that doll it’s on? Exquisite! I love their back stories, so great. 🙂
    Many hugs!

  • Thanks Teresa! I like that doll too. She is very sweet.

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