Before I do the Second Row…

I found some new gems. Well things I like anyway.
The first is this trunk. It reminded me of my sister’s hope chest. I have always wanted one but never gotten one. Right now, a place to put one would be an issue, even if cost were not a factor

Then I found this one.

Yes a miniature, real Lane Cedar Chest! With a lock even. Reading the paper label on the bottom I wonder if this could be a sales sample.

Then while perusing the clearance aisle at Walmart I found…

Bee Keeper Barbie.

I love that she comes with bees and bottles of honey.

A Computer, to monitor how much honey is sold and keep the status of the hives updated.

I Love her boots!

Her face is pretty sweet too.

Ready for more???
I found this one!

A Surprise Barbie!

She came with a guitar. My favorite of all instruments (unless you are playing Amazing Grace, then it must be bagpipes)

A dress and Lab coat.

Beaker and goggles

A Microphone.

A set of test tubes in a stand.

I love her face. I have not redressed her in the lab stuff. I like this skirt and the watch. I am not crazy about the tee but that’s just me.

I am working on the second row post I promise and the 3rd row!
Hugs Y’all


  • Back in the 50’s and 60’s Lanes gaveout those miniature boxes with the purchase of a cedar (aka hope) chest.
    When I was growing up a hope chest would be a boys gift to his girlfriend before the diamond . It was kind of the pre-engagement ring of its day!
    Barbies are adorable. Someday I’ll shop again 🙁
    Love and God bless ,

  • Love the little cedar chest. Love, love, love the Barbies!!! My grandmother used to make the cutest Barbie doll clothes. You did good Mel!!!

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