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Welcome to Prairiehomemaker.com!

What PH is.

Prairie Homemaker has been online for about 10 years. In that time our mission has never changed. We have never wavered in our stance.

PH is built to be a place of safety for Christian women. We do not care what the denomination is, as long as Christ and his word are the foundation stones.

There have been many changes over the years. Members have come and gone, some to return again. I have been blessed to meet some truly outstanding biblical women. In my web travels one thing is certain. No where on the web is there a place like this. PH is a place of open discussion. The over all theme though remains, we are all one in Christ. That is the thread that binds.

We have a varied group. Some quiverfull, some not. some home schoolers, some not. Working moms and stay at home moms. KJV only and not. All are welcome. No one has a louder voice than another.

If you have been looking for a place like this, why not join us and see if you can be at home here.

Contact Mel.